Object: NGC 1931
Observer: Mikael Anderlund
Location: Sandhammaren, Sweden
Instrument: Catadioptric 280/2800
Magnification: 165
Filter: UHC and OIII
Field: 25
Lim. Mag.: 5.8
BB: 4
Seeing: 3
Visuality: 4
Height: 55
Weather: Very cold, -8 degrees. Clear sky.
Description: Observed with 8, 13, 17mm Hyperion eyepiece. Very diffuse and weak with direct vision but diffuse fairly bright, round fuzzy knot of nebulosity with some four stars visible with av more
Date: 24/25.11.2013 22:00
Added by: mikaelanderlund
Added: 26.08.2014 11:20