Object: NGC 2655 SN2011B
Observer: Mikael Anderlund
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Instrument: Catadioptric 280/2800
Magnification: 140
Filter: -
Field: 28
Lim. Mag.: 4.8
BB: 4
Seeing: 3
Visuality: 4
Height: 55
Weather: Very cold, -8 degrees. Clear skies but full moonsh more
Description: NGC 2655 showed a bright stellar core with the outer portion much dimmer. The galaxy is almost round and very fuzzy. The weakest star in the field I could see fairly clearly lay on more
Date: 20/21.1.2011 19:00
Added by: mikaelanderlund
Added: 02.02.2011 20:16