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Welcome to The Deep Sky Archive
The purpose of this site is to offer space for all the observers of the world to store their observation in digital form. You can - once you register - upload your observations right to the database and they will be available for everybody to view immediately.

You can also search observations submitted by others by using search engine. Using different criterias make searching easy and sketch plus all the appropriate data will be available in no time.

Finnish Deep Sky Section
On top of being open for all the observers of the world this archive also acts as official method of submitting observations to the Finnish Deep Sky section of Astronomical Association Ursa. Members can send in their observations just as they would do with card board forms, only this way they save all the trouble of inevitable typing in the data and scanning the sketch to be published in the magazines. An observation send in via The Deep Sky Archive counts just as much as would tradinational observation when membership of the section is considered.

If you wish to comment something or you have some problems please don't hesitate to contact administrator, email address is ds [?]

Random Sketch
Object: Messier 16
Observer: Riku Henriksson
Telescope: Catadioptric 200/1000
Magnification: 80
Date: 3/4.7.1989 3.35
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